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Ant & Dec - We're On The Ball


Ant & Dec - We're On The Ball 
Written By: Harold Spiro, Anthony McPartlin, Declan Donnelly

They thought it was all over, but it's only just begun,
The cup of eastern promise in the land of the rising sun,
Seemed a million miles away and one things for sure,
The talk begins of '66 cos we haven't found a cure.
Send an SOS, a country's in need,
Sven's the man - he's got a plan - we've found a super Swede.
A nation re-united and England comes alive,
Golden balls is captain and Heskey makes it 5!

Chorus: We're on the ball! (x4) 

Red, white and blue the colours, the whole world in our hands,
The time has come to kick it, can we kick it? Yes we can!
Svens army marching forward, hear 3 lions roar?
We're England forever, now altogether, we're on the ball!

Chorus: We're on the ball! (x4) 

It's Neville to Campbell - Campbell to Rio - Rio to Scholesey - Scholesey,
Gerrard. Gerrard to Beckham - Beckham to Heskey - Heskey to Owen to nod! 

Repeat chorus x 3 
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Ant & Dec - We're On The Ball
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