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Tabs > Bareback JackArtist/Band: Ledoux Chris Tabs
Song: Bareback Jack Tab

				"Bareback Jack", by Chris LeDoux
					published by Wyoming Brand Music
					from "Songs of Rodeo Life", 1977
					Transcribed by Diron Ahlquist

When [G]I was just a [C]very young [G]lad,
[G]I walked up and I [C]told my [G]dad,
A [C]bareback rider’s what I [F]wanna [C]be,
I [C]want the whole world to [F]know about [C]me.

In the [G]rodeo arena I’ll [C]take my [G]stand,
I [G]wanna be known as a [C]rodeo [G]man.
I’ll come [C]flyin’ from the chute with my [G]spurs up high,
[D]Chaps and boots reachin’ [G]for the sky.
[C]Spurrin’ wild with my [G]head flung back,
You’ll [D]ask whose that well that’s [G]Bareback Jack,
You’ll [D]ask whose that well that’s [G]Bareback Jack.

The [G]years of boyhood [C]now have [G]passed,
It [G]didn’t take long to learn the [C]tricks real [G]fast.
Now I’m [C]goin’ down the road with my [F]rodeo [C]gear,
And I [C]hope to make the finals in [F]just a few [C]years.

And [C]when my chance comes I’ll [F]give it a [C]whirl,
[C]Try to win the champion[F]ship of the [C]world,
I’ll come [F]flyin’ from the chutes with my [C]spurs up high,
[G]Chaps and boots reachin’ [C]for the sky,
[F]Spurrin’ wild with my [C]head flung back,
You’ll [G]all know me, I’m [C]Bareback Jack,
You’ll [G]all know me, I’m [C]Bareback Jack.

Well [G]here I am, I’m a-[C]layin’ in [G]bed,
The [G]sun of a buck jumped [C]onto my [G]head.
I’m a-[C]layin’ here dyin’ and a-[F]hurtin’ real [C]bad,
Now I [C]wish I’d listened [F]to my old [C]dad.

When he [C]said son you’d better stop [F]foolin’ a[C]round,
You’re [C]gonna get your guts stomped [F]into the [C]ground.
You’ll come [F]flyin’ from the chute with your [C]tail up high,
That [G]old buckin’ horse is gonna [C]throw ya in the sky,
[F]When you come down you’re gonna [C]break your back.
[STRUM] [G]Then we’ll all know you as Old [C]Crippled Up Jack,
In a [G]wheelchair with a broken [C]back. 
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