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Song: You Left Memories Layin Tab

You Left Memories Layin'ΚΚ Track #3
 Tammy Wynette
 Album: Next To You
 Transcriber: Awcantor@aol.com
 You emptied all the closets
 You packed up all your things
 You loaded up a big old truck
 With all our hopes and dreams
 Did you hurry throught the leavin'?
 'Cause you missed some things on your way
 You left memeories layin' all over the place
 There's a hallway where we made love
 When the kids were not around
 And the sad regrets of how we let
 Our world come tumblin' down
 There's so much still here
 Of the love we shared
 That will never be erased
 You left memories layin' all over the place
 If you had to go
 The least you could have done 
 Is not leave anything behind 
 Now everywhere I turn
 There's a part of you that burns, in my mind
 When you walked out you must have thought
 There was nothin' else to take, 
 Cause you left memories layin' all over the place
 You left memories layin' all over the place.
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